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You may find yourself wondering. “How can I choose from Swimming Pool Installation Companies Near Me?”  If you live in Wilmington NC, Hampstead NC or the surrounding Brunswick County area, you are in luck!   Carolina Creations has over two decades of experience designing and constructing custom concrete pools and in ground swimming pools, across the Carolina’s.We know the process of building a pool…  and yes, it can be stressful.  Our team of highly-skilled professionals will take you from “concept to completion”…  walking you step by step through each phase of your project.  

We offer a variety of award winning custom built swimming pool designs & construction options.  After an onsite consultation with our professional team of designers and swimming pool installation specialists, you’ll know exactly the kind of custom pool and outdoor living space needed, to turn your backyard into a private paradise.  We get asked all the time… “how much does a pool cost…?”   The answer can only be accurately provided once we determine the scope of work necessary to meet your individual needs and budget.  No job is exactly the same. There are many factors involved when considering the installation of a pool, far beyond the pool Itself.   What type and amount of pool deck and patio space have you considered…?  

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Is a Concrete Pool Right For Me?

Now that you have found the right Concrete Swimming Pool Builder in Wilmington NC, have you really decided a Concrete Swimming Pool is right for you…?  There are many advantages of an in ground pool, especially an in ground concrete Pool. Of course, there are some disadvantages of Concrete Pools.  We will briefly touch on both the pros and cons here. We need you to be completely but accurately informed.  That way, you can make the decision that best suits you and your family.

Advantages of a Concrete Pool

More Design Choices — Concrete pools offer more design choices than a Fiberglass pool. When you’re tight on space that’s a good time to consider a concrete pool. We can install a lap pool that is long and narrow and fits into the majority of rear or side yards. Consider a plunge pool that is small but quite deep. 

DurabilityConcrete pools are durable! You don’t have to fear sharp objects that may damage your pool. 


Curb Appeal & ValueConcrete pools provide the classic pool appearance. If you’ve ever seen the pools with multiple waterfalls tumbling down into the pool below, chances are it was a concrete pool.In adtion, concrete pools add value to your property.Unlike other pool types, that may have a diminishing return, Concrete pools have proven to hold their value overtime.   

Disadvantages of a Concrete Pool

Startup Process — When deciding to get a pool, customers are extremely excited and want it right away. Concrete pools take a little bit more time for installation. Installation time also depends on the design of the pool you chose, where it will be located and etc. Since concrete pools can be built to whatever shape, size or depth you want, to fit whatever budget you may have, it’s perfectly understandable why the installation process may take more time.

Ease of Installation (i.e. the perception that anyone can install it)  — This comes back to selecting the right concrete swimming pool builder. Many are convinced that concrete pools are so easy to install they can find just about any concrete swimming pool installer to handle their Pool Installation Process.  Many pool installation companies will not handle the permits, or required documents to install a concrete pool. We help with everything from start to finish!

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Whether you are looking to create your own personal outdoor oasis or you are simply in search of a reliable pool builder to construct a modest backyard pool, Carolina Creations has a solution for you…! Give us a Call today to begin discussing your Concrete Swimming Pool Construction Today.

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