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Looking for more than just a Fiberglass Pool Installer in Wilmington NC… look no further.  At Carolina Creations Landscapes Inc., we specialize in providing “Concept to Completion” Outdoor Living Design and Construction services.  As a North Carolina Licensed General Contractor we are battle tested and prepared to walk you through the process of building the backyard of your dreams.   We have thousands of satisfied customers that will tell our story and provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that you have located the areas premier Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builder in Wilmington NC.  Feel free to check out what our past customers have to say…


You landed here because you are looking for a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installer in Wilmington NC.  However, quickly you discovered that the Pool Installation Process involves more than just installing an inground pool.  You have found that you need MORE than just a Pool Company.  At Carolina Creations Landscapes Inc., we have been building backyards since 1996.  Across the Carolina Coast, customers have entrusted us with projects that range from $15,000 to $1,500,000.  For over two decades, our company has and remains locally owned and operated. We have built a reputation of excellence by following one simple practice… CUSTOMER SERVICE.   We believe that what we do, while exceptional, is not unique. However, the manner in which we do it, is second to none. We welcome you to “Experience the Professional Difference”.


Is a Fiberglass Pool Right For Me?

Now that you have found the right Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builder in Wilmington NC, have you really decided a Fiberglass Swimming Pool is right for you…?   There are many advantages of an inground pool, especially an inground Fiberglass Pool.  Of course, there are some disadvantages of Fiberglass Pools.  We will briefly touch on both the pros and cons here. We need you to be completely but accurately informed.  That way, you can make the decision that best suits you and your family.

Advantages of a Fiberglass Pool

Quick Installation — most blogs and Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builders will state the fiberglass pool installation process will only take 3-5 days.  While true, that is misleading.  Yes, a good Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installer can complete the pool installation process in as little as 1 to 5 days.  However, that is only one part of the Pool Construction process.   The overall Pool Construction process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the scope of work and complexity of the job.  

Factory Controlled Construction — This too is a tremendous advantage when hiring a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builder in Wilmington NC.   Fiberglass Pools are constructed in a controlled environment, shipped directly to the site and installed by your Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builder.  This eliminates the need for the Pool Company to custom fabricate the shell on site.  This process eliminates any variation in the construction of the pool shell, unlike Vinyl Liner Pools or Custom Concrete Pools, both which are custom built on site.  

Smooth, Non-porous Surface — Fiberglass pools are built with a smooth Gelcoat finish.  This is the layer of the fiberglass pool construction you see and which the water rest.  The smooth surface allows a bather to swim free from any concern of sharp or rough surfaces, that might create an unpleasant abrasion or skin irritation.   

Economical — Working with a professional Fiberglass Pool Installer and installing a fiberglass pool, typically, is less expensive than building a custom concrete pool, if comparing apples to apples (i.e. pool size, pool shape, pool depths and pool water features).

Disadvantages of a Fiberglass Pool

Limited Pool Design Options — This may not be a disadvantage if you can find a Pool Design that fits your needs.  If you can find a fiberglass Pool Design that meets your needs or comes close to getting you what you want, it may be in your best interest to take the savings offered by working with a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installer.  However, you will likely have to concede on some of your Pool Design Features.

Ease of Installation (i.e. the perception that anyone can install it) — This comes back to selecting the right Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builder.  Many are convinced that fiberglass pools are so easy to install they can find just about any Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installer to handle their Pool Installation Process.   Should you make this mistake, you will have personally eliminated any and all advantages of installing a fiberglass pool and will own nothing short but that of a never-ending nightmare.


    In summary, we here at Carolina Creations Landscapes Inc. realize that the decision to hire a Fiberglass Pool Installer in Wilmington NC is a big deal.  Let’s face it, it’s a big investment.   Therefore, why not trust a Pool Company that has been building backyard dreams for over two decades.  A Fiberglass Swimming Pool Builder in Wilmington NC that takes into consideration the entire project, not just the inground pool component.  A Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installer that has thousands of happy Pool Construction customers that will speak directly to the integrity of our company.

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